Is God really for me?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 posted by: Sapier Lam

For those who know me, know that one of the things I've struggled with for awhile is not having been able to have children. I've had my ups and downs with it. I've even confessed to God my anger for why? Why not me?

There are perhaps things in your life that you may not understand right now. Maybe it's a promotion you thought you were deserving of getting, maybe it's a spouse you've been waiting on to be a God send, maybe it's a relationship that has now gone sour. Whatever your circumstance, it perhaps has confused you and you so desperately want to understand Why? Why me?

In Acts 23, the story is about Paul. This is a man who once persecuted Christians, and now has become one of the strongest believers in Christ, and has become a follower of Christ. In Acts 23 he's being questioned for his belief. He goes before the Sanhedrin counsel where at the time is comparable to perhaps the Supreme courts we have here in America today. It starts out a riot as the two counsels that make up the Sanhedrin are split, one for Paul, and one against Paul. Eventually, this leads to planning a plot to kill Paul by the Jews. The government that holds Paul under imprisonment has been informed of this plot. The Roman governor begins to pile up a group consisting of 200 hundred soldiers, 70 horsemen, and 200 spearmen! This is compiled to safely transfer Paul under protection to the next Governor up, Governor Felix in Caesarea.

This story revealed something to me that brought me a whole new understanding of God's plan for our lives. Why did the Roman government provide such protection for just one man? Well you have to look back at history to understand some of it. Back then, being a Roman citizen meant everything. Not only is Paul exempt from cruel and unusual punishment, and not only is he given the right to a fair trial before any judgment is made against him, but he also comes under the powerful protecting hand of the Roman empire!

Paul was born a Roman citizen. It made me think how awesome that was. It certainly wasn't anything he did on his own, he was just "born that way". Little did he know, that many years later that one thing would eventually "protect" him so profoundly! All because God had a plan for Paul! His story was not over yet!

Friends, God too has a plan for you. You and I both. There are going to be things that happen to us perhaps things we cannot control. We won't understand. What we can trust and know is that God loves you so much. He does have a plan and purpose for you, and he is for you never against you. This morning I let that sit in my spirit. I let in sink in my heart. I may not understand some things, but I do know my Father. I do know his plans for me are perfect. His goodness for me is available. Let this bless you also. In prayer today, ask God to give you peace and understanding of your circumstance, because Dearly Beloved, your story is not over yet!

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